When it comes to patents and trademarks, there are a number of important questions that individuals and business owners ask that fall under opinions & due diligence:

  (1)  Can I get patent and/or trademark protection for my business?

  (2)  Does or will someone else infringe my patent and/or trademark rights?

  (3)  Will my business infringe the patent and/or trademark rights of someone else? 

To answer these questions, our firm can assist in the performance and preparation of:

  • Prior-art searches to identify relevant pre-existing technology, previously issued patents, and previously filed patent applications;
  • Trademark searches to identify relevant pre-existing trademarks, previously issued trademark registrations, and previously filed trademark applications;
  • Patentability opinions to assess the likelihood of securing patent protection for our client’s inventions;
  • Trademark-ability opinions to assess the likelihood of securing trademark protection for our client’s trademarks;
  • Infringement/non-infringement opinions to assess the likelihood that (1) our client is infringing someone else’s patent or trademark rights or that (2) someone else is infringing our client’s patent or trademark rights; and
  • Validity/invalidity opinions to assess the likelihood that our client’s or someone else’s issued patents or registered trademarks are invalid.

The due diligence associated with this patent and trademark opinion work is crucial to the formation of a strategic plan, allowing our clients to move forward with confidence.


Our team of skilled attorneys and knowledgeable staff has years of experience providing patent and trademark opinions in a wide array of fields.  Contact us to learn more about our Opinions and Due Diligence services.